14 Benefits of having Blogger BoyFriend [Life Hack]


Specially Article for all ladies, who are reading this. This article is all about changing the perception about bloggers. Some of you are cynial about blogger boyfriend, may be because of they might not having enough time for you or too insensitive. But you are far away from truth. “I will prove you Blogger Boyfriends are Better than other guys”. Yes, scroll down now. You will understand what I mean to say.

*1* Too Busy to Look outoff their Screen to Bother with other Girls. So no chances of getting cheated.


After GirlFriend all time they consumed in their own computer world. therefore You can say Secure relationship.

*2* No need to worry about money, Because blogger earns quite well


Very Hardworking and earn good for living.  They always keep well plan for future.

*3* Are entrepreneurs and Independent one


Own boss and high business skill and growth, alway good for future of relationship.

*4* Most Important Blogger remember all important days.


May be valentine day, birthday or anniversary day. Each day is lot for them, are businessmen and having strong memory.

*5* SelfEmployed so they can take time for vacations will never issue for them.


Most beneficial advantage of blogger. They are well planned so they can easily take time for you. There is no boss or manager as they are self employed.

*6* Sure You will enjoy their company as are highly energetic and intelligent person. No chance of boring!

*7* Have Skill to surprise you because they are Creative and Productive


*8* Fights and arguments, Blogger are business minded and well at negotiation


*9* Love you on your true nature, not on decorative like dressing and makeup.


*10* Never will go out of reach, always with you.


*11* Well at giving Gifts and They have a profound taste


*12* Of Course they are popular!


*13* If you are facing job crisis, Go to him and work with him.


*14* You will free proud to take about them with your friends circle.



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