Top 5 Non EIG Hosting Companies 2019 – Best Alternatives

Non EIG Group Company

Endurance International Ground, Inc. (EIG) is one of the finest names in the world of web hosting. It is founded in 1997 and still it acquiring many hosting companies but the question is that, is it really providing good services to their customer?

If yes then why Endurance International Ground (EIG) Hosting customers are looking for alternatives?

  • Because of Slow speed and functions so the customer gets frustrated and panic.
  • The customer gets unknowledgeable responses from the staff team.
  • Long waiting times on the phones, email and support tickets that creates inconvenience.
  • Less priority to customer support so it’s difficult to go with EIG hosting.

Friends today’s topic is all about best non EIG hosting service provider. So,  you can avoid EIG hosting and choose best for your business website/blog.

In the web hosting industry, web hosting business plays a very important role. There are lots of alternatives to  EIG hosting companies that can provide you better services and helps you to grow your business.

Main purpose to write this article is, providing you the world’s top most lists of non EIG hosting companies with their features. So that, you can easily choose the one of non EIG hosting as per your choice and avoid EIG Group.

World’s Top Most Non EIG Hosting Companies

Top 5 best Non EIG Hosting companies we recommend are DomainRacerInMotion, SiteGround, A2Hosting and DreamHost which provide an impressive server uptime, speed, and security.

 1] DomainRacer – Qualitative Non EIG Hosting Services

One of the cheapest Non EIG hosting companies with affordable price. It’s beneficial to buy Services of DomainRacer as it provides the qualitative product only and also give a discount like 60% OFF so the customer can enjoy the services.

  • All the services are at affordable.
  • Litespeed technology improves the performance of your server and helps to grow your business.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) Storage helps you to load the content of your website within blink.
  • Has incredible 99% uptime and Free SSL Certificate.
  • Offer you ModSecurity in order to protect your users from email spamming.

list of non eig hosting

If you compare non EIG hosting DomainRacer with other all Non EIG hosting, you will find that its services are best with affordable price.

Vist HomePage DomainRacer

2] InMotion – One of Best Non EIG Hosting

One of Non EIG hosting provides cool features, especially for WordPress. It has very friendly support and also provides SSD storage.

Major consideration to use Inmotion is that its web hosting network is based on Linux and Unix OS. And it is also not owned by EIG hosting.

Basically, this Non EIG hosting Inmotion Company have 3 shared hosting plans. All plans are differ from each other and below you can see the plans.

non eig web hosting 2017

You can choose any one of the plan as per your requirement. One thing here which I want to focus on, you can see the prices are quite high, so you can go with the affordable plan which I have explained in the next non EIG DomainRacer.

Vist at HomePage InMotion

3] SiteGround

It is one of the best non EIG hosting companies which can fulfil all your needs. It has great technical support with good speed.

It is founded in 2004 by some college students and it is not owned by EIG hosting.

you can see the plans of non EIG hosting SiteGround, StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek and choose which one is best to start the business online.

hosting companies not owned by eig

Cons: Compare to DomainRacer the features of SiteGround are limited, so pay attention before choosing any non EIG hosting.

Vist HomePage SiteGround

4] A2Hosting – Web Hosting at Affordable Cost

One of the Best alternative to EIG Hosting Company is A2Hosting which is established in the year 2003. It has great speed with good technical support.

If you want to start a serious online business then goes with A2Hosting which is not owened by EIG because it has good uptime and services.

avoid eig web hosting companies

  • LITE – Best for starter – can host 1 website with SSD storage,
  • SWIFT – host unlimited website – speed is not good to compare to TURBO,
  • TURBO – host unlimited website with free SSL.

DomainRacer uses Litespeed Technology so that you get the high speed compare to Non EIG A2Hosting and SiteGround.

Vist HomePage A2Hosting

5] DreamHost

Non-EIG hosting with optimal solution established in 1996. It provides good customer support and services.

It offers only one shared hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and Storage. Here you can easily secure your investment as it provides 97 days prolong money back guarantee.

avoid non eig hosting brands

DreamHost is one of the best Non-EIG Hosting providers for trusted, reliable and fast WordPress hosting services.

Vist HomePage DreamHost


Hope this article helps you to choose best non EIG hosting company. Always remember high quality doesn’t mean a good web hosting service. So, choose the best web hosting with affordable cost. One of my recommendation is DomainRacer as it provides all the Qualitative features with affordable cost.

If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding non-EIG hosting then please don’t forget to comment below. Have a good luck to choose non EIG hosting.

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