5 Best URL Shortener Link Earn Money 2018

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Shorten link is the best way to reduce overhead to maintain long tail link and help to tweet on twitter. Some of companies noted this points are invented an ideas to monetise short link and earn money. This shorten URL earn money is now become popular concept many of website owner use those companies to earn some extra money from link shortening services. As we compare with various online earning techniques this is much easier.

Shorten Link Prone and Coins

link shortening url shortening service

Link shortening service pay $1 to $5 for 1000 views and also url shortening services provider gives referral program by this maximum 20% commission you can earn out of url shortening service. Means you need to increase visitor of your blog just by shorten link and result earn massive revenue. One restriction they have i.e. before redirecting to original link it will wait for 5 seconds. Those 5 seconds will pay you money. Best url shortener are list below so take benefit.

Top URL Shortener Short Link and Earn Money


1 out of 5: AdF.ly

Best rated and more popular short link earn money website. adf.ly shorten urls and earn money offers $4 per 1000 impressions or visitors.

Minimum Payout of adf.ly : $ 5.0

2 out of 5: Cashfly.com

When you share you link on internet you get revenue out of this. Cashfly is one of the best best url shortener services. url shortener earn money near about 5$ per 1000 visitors.

Minimum Payout of cashfly.com : $ 5.0

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3 out of 5: Adlock.in

Adlock offer shorten link service by paying to their customers. Adlock shortener link look link adlock.in/xxx and use this link to start earning.

Minimum Payout of Adlock.in : $ 5.0

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4 out of 5: LinkBucks.com

One of faster growing company after adf.ly shorten urls and earn money. To start with this need just to signup and its easy process. They offer $0.5 to $3 per 1000 visitors.

Minimum Payout of LinkBucks.com : $ 10.0

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5 out of 5: Gooplu.com

Free url short link and earn money website offers $10 per 1000 visitor. Gooplu.com also provides referral program by which you can get 20% commission.

Minimum Payout of Gooplu.com: $ 10.0

Below are useful content help to get traffic so you can earn more:

Why you are wasting time take on step forward and make money out of given best url shortener services. This idea is really pretty cool to earn money from shorten links. If you know more than suggest to serve our reader a great ideas and latest marketing guide with technical knowledge.

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