Bloggers Must Know about Web Hosting: 8 Ways to protect from Troubles.

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Web performance is incredible component for better user experience. It’s simple how important it is to host website on good hosting server.

The key feature is fast loading and 24×7 uptime. Uptime is always essential component, So reader will able to access your web content. Most of time if web loading speed is slow, reader will move to another website. Average loading time must not be greater than 5 to 8 seconds.

In addition to all, Website speed is important part of SEO. Recently Google has using website speed as critical ranking factor. Faster the Hosting service means high performance blog, which takes you higher in Google ranking. Conversion rates are directly depends on speed of website.

Slower load time, reader will not wait for longer than 3-4 seconds. This will result into lower conversion rate and higher bounce rate.

In case study it’s clearly shown that high performance website affiliate sale boosted and bounce rate dropped by 90 percent to 120 percent.

*1* Longer the Trial Period, Better Quality of Hosting.

Obliviously more than 30 day money back guaranty companies are best. Because quality service. Company having guaranty that the users will always satisfied with their services.

quality web hosting trial period

Most common name are included SiteGround (45+ Days money back), HostGator (45+ days money back), InMotion Hosting (90 days money back). Some company like BlueHost offers anytime money back guaranty.

Denotes good sign, this means we can cancel plan anytime and ask for refund.


*2* Primary Domain registers with different Party.

Lot of advantage has to register primary domain with another registrar. One of them is you can easily migrate to other web hosting service. Most of cases due to invalid activity web hosting account get suspended and at the time your website goes down. This will result huge loss and also not easy to migrate, because your domain is built with current hosting service.

Best solution is to transfer the domain to third party registrar. I usually use free domain for my testing purpose or SEO case study.


*3* Careful about Payment Methods

Most Popular Payments options are PayPal, Debit Card and Credit Card. We must have to choose Hosting Service that having multiple payment methods. Most important we have to also need to arrange multiple methods to pay the service. Most of time due to some issue credit card or debit card got blocked. This will result to late payout and cause to loss the service with whole site.

quality web hosting

To Protect from human and technique errors. We must have to be a flexible with different payment options.


*4* Check and Avoid Blacklisted IP hosting.

If you are email marketer and want to host email on your server. You must have to check your IP for spam. To make sure your server IP has not blacklisted, you need a tool.

How you can check IP blacklisted or not? Easiest way is Spam Haus Black list before going to register.

quality website hosting service

*5* Compare Price and Feature with Competitor Companies.


*6* Backup Regularly to avoid Data Loss.

quality web hosting backup featureBasically this is also a one of the feature of web hosting provider. At the time of purchase need to check about backup policy. This will avoid any kind of data loss, so you can easily recover from it. Wide range of plugins is available to take website backup if you are working on wordpress like CMS tool.

Cpanel backup is also possible and you can automate using simple cron job automation.

Backup Everything:

mysqldump –add-drop-table -u username -p databasename > databasebackup.sql tar -cf backupfile.tar

Replace username and databasename with your database details.

Further process for taking automatic backup you can read from automate wordpress backup script.


*7* Use Strong Passwords and Change Regular Basis.

Set strong passwords are mandatory one to avoid unwanted risk from hack.

Lot of Hacking organizations are executing script to brought force attack on server to hack data and take control over website. This is main case of lot of business closed. Recommendation is to use strong password and change frequently in month once. Also install necessary add-ons to secure website backend environment.


*8* Monitor Web Hosting Uptime

Please don’t believe on Hosting Company what they are saying? Shared Hosting with huge amount of domain pointing to it and overloaded the server. Leads to individual site uptime will compromise and in this case server down most of times. Therefore better idea is to track your web hosting uptime by yourself.

This can be done by one of free tools like Uptime Robot, Pingdom and WHSR Uptime Monitor.

quality web hosting track uptime


*9* Always keep Backup Options.

If something goes wrong with current web hosting. Don’t be afraid to move to new web hosting service. This is a very easy process to switch whole website and right migration will not affect Google ranking.

If you need help you can hire me on Fiverr WordPress Migration service. I will do for you within 2 business days and 100% restful migration service.

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