My Strategy to Earn $760 From Chitika

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We are familiar with making money online though blogs, there are various ways to make money online. The easiest way is to place ads on blog from Ads Network like Chitika, Infolinks or Adsense. We have to add JavaScript code on website and advertiser start showing ads automatically according to your content. Those ad networks pay huge CPC and Help to earn good money for Publishers.

Chitika is best choice to Google adsense alternative and help you earn more money. In this article chitika review will give you some of my best strategy to earn money. Generally many of you have question how to make money with chitika? Here I will show you how I earn money from chitika?

My First Month Earning $760 from Chitika

Chitika serves contextual advertising and they display ads based on your article content, that’s why I love Chitika. When we had huge traffic then also we are not generating decent amount of money. Actually earning is not depends on advertising provider. It’s depends on how you are serving ads to your visitors. Chitika ads is also does same and provide relevant advertising that result to high click through rate.

 My strategy that ISeenLab network uses to makes $760 USD.

  1. Layout of Blog and Placement on Blog
  2. Ad Filtering
  3. Traffic source
  4. Dynamic Ads Serving
  5. Earning Report

#1 Layout of Blog  and Placement on Blog

placement chitik advertising

When your primary source of earning money is ad network? Then layout of blog plans a vital role to increase click through rate. So create website design which suit your advertising network and above picture showing exactly same thing.


#2 Filtering unwanted Ads from Chitika

filter chitika ads

First think before creating your blog is to answer. Who are your visitors? And what they deserved from you? Then and only then you can understand what is best for them. So you can filter your Chitika ads.

#4 Driving Traffic is now Easy

Keyword make money advertising earning

Semrush is the best way to find high cpc rate keywords. when you are consider for generating high revenue from Adsense. But in case of Chitika tones of visitor is more than enough. Semrush helps you to find low competitor keyword that drives thousands of visitors. more than that SemRush long tail keyword generator will increase your conversion ratio.

#5 Serving Dynamic Ads

dynamic chitika earnings per click

Serving same ads is not a good practice. Also test different ads and analysis what will perfect for your blog. Chitika will serve you dynamic and more attractive ads.

#6 ISeenLab Network Chitika Earning Report

chitika earnings report payment proof


Hope this ISeeler helped to clear idea about generating revenue from Chitika. Minimum payout is $10 and you can use this with Adsense. Sour you will earn decent Chitika revenue after following this.


chitika sign up free account

Follow those techniques and generate revenue. What you think about ads network? Share your experience about Blogging.

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