Advanced Difference Between Apple Ipad Vs Tablet

This is a time of nanotechnology. Big big device are now getting short worldwide such as microcomputer. Laptop, desktop, notebook etc are microcomputer. Now a day microcomputers latest version is ipad, tablet, Smartphone etc.

what is difference between ipad and tablet

What is the difference between an ipad and a tablet is a frequently asked question nowadays. iPad and Tablet is an one device. However, there has difference between ipad and tablet. In this article, I will show you what difference between ipad and tablet ?

  • Developer : iPad is developed by Apple Inc. The latest version of iPad is iPad mini 3. Google develops tablet. The latest version of Android Tablet is Nexus 7 tablet.
  • OS (Operating System) : iPad operating system is iOS which is develop by Apple. In addition, tablet operating system is Android, which is developing by Google.
  • Media Support : iPad doesn’t support flash and shock-wave videos. Therefore, you cannot watch videos online. However, android tablet support flash and shock wave videos. Therefore, you will not face any problem for watching videos online.
  • Multitasking : Multitasking is absent in iPad i.e. it can’t interact with multiple apps at the same time while other tablets running on Android OS have true multitasking i.e. when you are using one application the other applications run in the background.
  • App Store : The iPad has more number of available apps. The last update Apple store has more than 475,000 native apps and third parties. However, Google play store have not as big as tablet users need. Now Google try to increase their apps for tablet.

Strengths & Weaknesses of those device :

iPad Strengths : It is more easier than tablet for use. The Apple App Store currently has over 750,000 applications available for download with about 300,000 designed specifically for the iPad and the rest capable of running in compatibility modes. The iOS platform has a intuitive interface and continues to promote the best application development environment since its features are easy to understand and user-friendly which makes it ideal for a variety of audiences and app developers.

Tablet Strengths : The biggest strengths of the Android tablets are the availability of wide range of devices providing excellent choice from both premier and lesser-known brands and the scopes of customization that can be done to the tablets if required. Another advantage of tablets running on Android OS is that they have true multitasking i.e. when one application is under use the other applications run in the background which is absent in iPad tablets. A big plus point for Android tablets is that they are significantly cheaper than Apple iPads. The Android tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire provide a cheaper entrance into the tablet world.

iPad Weakness : While it is great that each app is checked by Apple for approval prior to its release into the app store some useful apps are locked out in the process. The iPad is also unable to increase its storage capacity through flash drives, which means when it goes out of storage space; it is really out of space. The iPad is also more expensive than other tablets. The price of iPad was a strong selling point when it was first launched. Now you can get a current generation popular Android tablet with 7-inch screen and plenty of processing power at a significantly lower price than that of iPad Mini.

Tablet Weakness : Android system is not quite as simple and intuitive as Apple’s iOS to use, but gradually you get hang of it. The Google Play does not pre-check the apps as Apple does before taking them into the store which gives the possibility of (may be rarely) downloading a malicious app when using an Android tablet.


In above I show you difference between an ipad and a tablet. I think it will help you to choose your own device. If you really get “what is the difference between an ipad and a tablet” questions answer, then I will be very great full. Keep visiting our site and enjoy yourself.

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