How to Find Long Tail Keywords (with tutorial)

how to find long tail keywords

Hi friends, Now time to change the strategy of keyword research. Let me tell you why and how? Everyone is now online and every business looking to expand and in that online is the best way to get potential customer across the globe. But competition is very high and to sustain we need advanced technique. SEO is the best way to do optimization and drive traffic. Everyone knows that competition in SEO techniques is increasing day by day. But today I am gonna give you the trick to identify right keyword. So this will help you for high conversion ratio and very low competition.

Exactly I am talking about How to find Long Tail Keywords? You will find lot of long tail keyword generator tool online. But those are not helpful for you. Before moving onwards you must need to know the importance of long tail keyword phrases.

Scenario of short term Vs Long Tail Keyword

If you search on Google “SEO Tools” you will find lot of result and among them many are useless. But if you search like “best SEO keyword research tool” then you will get exact result. That you are looking for and I am trying to explain same thing.

Below image is illustrating the keyword search of long tail keyword phases. Almost 70% search phases will find long tail keywords only. Currently companies, blogger and online business owner are finding long tail keywords to get highly relevant traffic to their business site or blog to earn revenue or commission.

free long tail keyword tool phases

Now I thing you will clear the idea what I mean to say. Long tail keywords are playing vital role in every SEO expert people life. Now get ready with long tail keyword finder and make keyword research more accurate and target right audience for right business. Finding long tail keyword required deep knowledge of product, what customers are thinking about and what they want exactly. Long tail keyword finder will help you to do so. But after doing lot of research I come to the conclusion that almost 96% of long tail keywords finder will not give you correct and accurate information. But only two tools I founded very useful in this analysis.

World Best Long Tail Keyword Finder

Long Tail Pro and SemRush are the best competitor and keyword research tools. I am using those from last few years. You can’t believe they changes way of my blogging and dramatic changes in web traffic. Even more than that, I am getting targeted potential and trustworthy reader.

Long tail pro Keyword Research Tool

download long tail pro review

Long Tail Pro is one-time billing Long Tail Keyword finder tool. To find long tail keywords using google keyword tool by Long Tail Pro is now so simpler. This will help you to get more recent and accurate result. By this tool you can extract upto 10,000 relevant result per request.

how long tail pro filter work

Long Tail Pro uses various metric to calculate result.

  • URL
  • Title
  • Page authority
  • Juicing page
  • Domain authority
  • Moz rank
  • Page rank

Once all factors are calculated based on this competition level is decided for the keyword.

Key feature of Long Tail Pro are

  • Long tail Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Checker
  • Find right keyword for SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • google long tail keyword generator

So this is one-time investment and lifetime update free. Long Tail Pro has advanced filter option so you can filter your result.

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one time investment lifetime benefit product.


SemRush Keyword and Competitor Research Tool

semrush find long tail keywords

This tool is multi-purpose beneficial product for all SEO activity and it can perform operation like Keyword Research, tracking rank, check back-links, competitor research and site audits. Semrush is one of the main tool of ISeenLab website success.

Features of SemRush Keyword and Competitor Tool

  • More than 48 million domains
  • Find most profitable keyword
  • Localize ads campaign
  • Get long tail keywords easy
  • Prioritize SEO issue and decide what to be fixed.

Semrush will help you find long tail keywords phases in fraction of seconds. It’s like serving you a sweet dish. After doing keyword research you may track keyword position as well with geographical locations. SemRush has more than 50,000,000 Domain and 350,000,000+ keyword database.

long tail keyword generator

Everything you required things you will get from this tool. You can filter you result by advanced and get more accurate result from SemRush tool.

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Finally how to find long tail keyword concept is clear. Now time to apply strategy and hard work will lead you towards success. Best of luck. Please share your opinion by commenting and don’t forget to share. ISeenLab is on the way of success and now you turn so get ready and work smartly.

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