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best google adsense alternative

As we already know Google Publisher Account i.e. Google Adsense is the world top Ad Publisher network to earn revenue from blogging (advertising). But Google Adsense also has prone and coins, this result to positive as well as negative impact on revenue. Something we get block from adsense because of invalid clicks and some other adsense terms and conditions. In this blog post I will introduce best adsense alternative to earn revenue. The list of Google adsense alternatives are best ad publisher network in the worlds.

Best 5 Google Adsense Alternatives for your Blog

google adsense alternatives banned googleI already maintained if you are violate adsense terms and condition, then you definitely bans from monetization program of Google. Then only solution is to move some of the best alternative of Google adsense to earn revenue. The alternatives given are not optimal than google adsense earning. A few of them like chitika, infolinks,, BuySellAds and bidvertiser. You need a traffic then long tail pro coupon code and GSA search engine ranker coupon will give you best offer on world most popular keyword research and backlink tool.

I am updating this list every time then I got something better than them. So please bookmark this page and keep up to date. Before use those publishers to earn money, first analyze what kind of traffic you have and which of them increase your earning.

1 OUT OF 5 : : Earn 10% extra for 3 month

google adsense alternative is contextual ad network by yahoo and bing. The one of best competitor of google adsense, offers high CPC advertising to increase revenue. To sign up you need approval and every account has manager this takes care of your account. This help you to solve you Publisher problem and also help you to earn more.

  • World Second Largest advertiser
  • Earn 10% Extra for 3 month (Ex. 1st month earning $980 = you will get $980 + $98 )

This is Special : from here

2 OUT OF 5 :  InfoLinks

google adsense alternative infolinks

InfoLinks provide text based ads, they automatically adds hyperlinks in content and help you to earn revenue. This website approval is very fast to get start quick. Payment pays via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Checks and Payoneer. The initial payment threshold is also half of Google Adsense i.e. 50$. read more about infolinks review here.

>> InfoLinks sign up now <<

3 OUT OF 5 : Chitika

google adsense alternative chitika

When we compare with Google Adsense, Chitika serve you ads i.e. provided by yahoo. It’s quite obvious that we can earn more out of it. Chitika pays via Paypal and minimum threshold 10$. This is suited for site having low traffic or high traffic. Also ads are shown are always relevant to your contents. It’s mean you can monetize from chitika better.

When I was 400-600 visitors a daily at those day I use chitika and I got 5-10% click though rate it’s double then google adsense.

>> Create Chitika Publisher Account <<

4 OUT OF 5 : Bidvertiser

google adsense alternative bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is also same as listed in post but in addition of this they provide customizable toolbar. If you are regular publisher then you can customize toolbar with you logo. You can serve this to your customer. If someone search with customized toolbar then you can earn revenue as wheel. Bidvertiser offer cpc advertising for valid clicks.

>> Create Bidvertiser Account <<

5 OUT OF 5 : BuySellAds

google adsense alternative buysellads

You need to submit your blog information and BuySellAds lookup your PR, alexa rank, index pages etc. those point are accounted in order to approval of BuySellAds Publisher account. Your site needs decent web traffic. Once you approved you can define area on your blog and wait for bid.

Apply Now Buysellads

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  1. Anika says:

    I was banished from google adsense I signed up in very happy because I earn more. is a new site is very easy to use

  2. Ron Bray says:

    Hey, I appreciate this post. Google Adsense, Yahoo/Bing ads, and Info Links seem like the best 3 choices in my opinion. Info links I’m thinking of putting on a certain part of my website now (generally, I wouldn’t recommend people using them, because they can be annoying). Thanks.

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