How Does SSL Certificate Work? – Actual Process

how does ssl work digital certificates

SSL (secure socket layer) is Transport Layer Security predecessor and is designed to provide secure communication over public computer network. SSL uses standard security technology for establish secure communication link between client and server process. They provide security to web server and browser, email server and clients. SSL is a security protocol. SSL secure millions of people data every day and is wildly used security protocol. The Payment processing system like PayPal and its competitive Alternatives of Paypal uses SSL to secure transaction for Merchant. In this article I clear how do SSL Certificates work? And basic steps for SSL installation at the end.

SSL allow to transfer sensitive information over a publish network by encrypting using special encryption techniques. Credit Card, Debit Card, fax, Digital Signature processing and Online banking transaction is need to be secure while transferring from client data to server over a public network. SSL certificate provides security for all those transaction. Free SSL Certificate is created by own and organization created called certificate authority issuer (CA).

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How Does SSL Work?

Today all browsers have ability to interact with secure web using SSL protocol. But browser and server need technical called as SSL Certificate for secure communication.

Process: How SSL Work?

Following steps denote communication step for secure connection using SSL Certificate. Those steps are also called “SSL Handshake”. Handshake process is invisible to clients and done immediately.

how do ssl certificates work

SSL Certificate setup required three keys i.e. public, private and session key. Data is encrypted using public key can only be decrypted by private key and encrypted data by private key can only decrypted by public key. But encryption and decryption with private key and public key takes lot of processing power. So public and private key are only used during SSL Handshake process to create session key.

  1. Browser connects to secure server with SSL. The web browser request server to identify itself.
  2. Server sends copy of SSL Certificate to web Browser.
  3. Web Browser checks trust of SSL Certificate. If true, Browser sends message to Server.
  4. Server sends digital signed acknowledgement, then SSL encrypted session start.
  5. Then Communication is encrypted by Browser and Server.

How do Secure Website Using SSL Certificate?

We already overlook on how do SSL Certificates work? Now time to secure your web site, it is easy and quick to install SSL Certificate.

  • Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your web server.
  • Select SSL Certificate provider and Buy now.
  • Follow installation instruction provider by CA issuer.
  • Download CA trusted Site Seal to website within SSL security.

CA issuer provide SSL Certificate at the validity period 1-5 year based on your choose and also you can renew SSL Certificate. To know latest best affordable SSL Certificate provider read blog post.

Latest World Popular SSL Certificate Providers

Now it’s clear idea about how do SSL Certificates work? Another benefit of SSL Certificate that makes your website popular i.e. Google announced secured (SSL Certificate installed) website is also part of ranking. That’s why Google uses SSL Certificate. Use SSL Certificate for secure your website and also help you to increase organic traffic. I promise that Iseen Lab install SSL Certificate in few days. Now time to share what you think about SSL Certificate? Have you know more about SSL Certificate then share with our Iseen Lab readers.

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