Infolinks Reviews: How I Earn $1500+ Revenue?

infolinks review earn money

Everyone wanted to earn money online. This post is sharing a technique that ISeenLab network is following to Earn Money from Infolinks. Most of blogger’s are frustrated with one word i.e. Content, but content is the king. Creating content, collection ideas, and representing them are difficult tasks. Keyword Research is best way to get high CPC rate. SemRush SEM tool do keyword research to get high CPC keyword. SemRush will give you full analysis report along with keyword competitor.

You are thinking why I am explaining all those thinks, because there is reason, we always need to care about ways to increase adsense earning and cpc rate is depends on keyword selection. But Infolinks is the best google adsense alternative to generate massive revenue from decent amount of visitors.

infolinks review proof earning

how to make money with infolinks | how much infolinks pay

Extra Information (Infolinks Earning Trick)

RevenueHits, Viglink and Chitika are the best Infolinks alternatives. you can easily earn $1 to $5 per 1000 impression from all those three publisher network sites. Writing content and publishing is not everything. you have to apply other technique to rank those keyword and drive high potential customer towards your money making website.

This article is a trick for those bloggers, who want to generate money online? Many times my blog reader have doubt, how I am Generate Revenue? So to guide them ISeen published  to help in generating money from Infolinks.

Infolinks Review : My Trick to Earn $1500+ Money

You are read this blog means first thing clear i.e. you are serious about your future and I know after reading this article, it will clear your ideas about making money online. I know many of you have habit to write good quality content regularly and publicized them to audience. But due to some reason, you are not earn optimal revenue out of them. Let take a look how I earn money from infolinks like Network.

Keyword make money advertising earning

This infolinks review help you to get traffic and monetize your website.

  • Decide the nich for getting infolinks earning.
  • Check related low competitor and High traffic keywords.
  • Write content and publish
  • do SEO i.e. onsite and offsite.
  • Finally watch your infolinks earnings report.

Low cpc keyword has low competition and with Google adsense we are getting much benefit because of low cpc rate. But this publisher network is best Adsense alternative to earn money and also CPC rate is also high. Infolinks algorithm scan entire your content and choose high cpc word and convert them to advertising links. Due to low CPC rate competition is also low; this helps you to generate massive traffic to your blog.

Infolinks Earning Report $394.05

Infolinks payment proof tricks

Infolinks payment proof is of Jan 2016 from 12 to 24 days. Analysis report is showing totally 176,821 impression and 5,271 click within this period of time. if you consider the average infolinks revenue then I am making $2.23 per 1000 impression.
Now the time to take an action and get massive traffic to generate higher revenue from Infolinks Publisher Network.

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Monetize any platform
  • Unique Ads Unit
  • Easy Installation
  • No Minimum Criteria

Infolinks Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck, Bank Wire transfer, and more.

chitika sign up free account

offer: signup to payoneer and get $25 free credit on $100 deposit.

Now my infolinks earnings are increasing day by day, now your time to take action. I thing this strategy work nicely to generate massive income from this publisher. Thanks to visit this infolinks review article and hope you understand how to make money with infolinks publisher? thanks again, have a good day.

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  1. habib tuhin says:

    Your article is awesome. I have a blog. This blog is new. Some visitor about 100/150 visitor visit my blog.Can I use inflolinks?? Thank you.

  2. Rubel says:


    Great Review of Infolinks, but I have some question sin my mind regarding Infolinks.

    As I am looking for a secondary way to monetize my website, Does Infolinks do well with Adsense? And also, my majority traffic is Indian, will Infolinks pay good for Indian traffic?

    Urgently want 2nd monetizing method as Adsense is not doing good with Indian traffic, also the CTR is low.

    ~ Rubel

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Rubel,

      Infolinks is the contextual ad based publisher. Earning from Infolinks is depend on the contextual keywords. for example if you having blog for loan guide, car reviews, health care and other high competitive areas. Then Infolinks perform better as compare to Adsense. The main Reason Behind this is, Infolinks work on contextual links and Adsense need traffic from generic search engine.

      Infolinks will not consider incoming traffic source, but Adsense need to consider. I would like to suggest you to use both the ad network. but please avoid too many ads on blog.

      Thanks Rubel

  3. abdulkareem says:

    Am using Infolinks on but earnings seems low with 2k impression am getting 0.91$

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Abdul Kareem,

      I checked LexVibes site and I found Bidvertiser Publisher you are using now. But as per my Analysis Chitika is the best option. you can use both combination of Chitika and Infolinks. This will help you to increase your revenue and CPC. But you have to test various placement of infolinks to earn from it. For Chitika you just replace Bidvertiser ads and done it.
      refer : My Technique to earn with chitika

      Thanks Abdul, Hope this suggestion will increase your CPC and CPM as well. Best wishes from remote.

  4. Duru Freeman says:

    Wow this amazing have never earn that high from Infolinks. Well I get around 0.01 to 0.90 mostly so i got frustrated and disable Infolinks on my blog… Since am finding it hard to get approved by Google AdSense. Am using tribalads, Adsterra .. I don’t know if you can help review my blog and notify me via contact..

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Duru,

      Had you watched Video that I embedded in this article. I explain step by step process to drive traffic and best way to boost infolinks earning. Additional to this I reviewed your site and I would like to say it’s fit for Google Adsense. If you need to make money from Infolinks, then you just watch video. I know is not so impressive. but still try to understand my exact strategy behind it, moreover Infolinks will not fit for high CPC traffic i.e. only traffic is more than enough.
      Thanks Duru to be a part of ISeenLab reader
      Best wishes from Remote.

  5. Hello Sir,
    I have my education website and generates 150-200 visits per day. I applied for adsense many times but they rejected my applications. I read your post that is awesome. My simple question is that “Infolinks will have good impacts for my education website or not”. My traffic is from India only.

  6. Brenda says:


    Great Review, but I have few questions in my mind after reading this.

    I want to know, whether Infolinks is good for small blogs or sites having visitors around 4-5k monthly?

    Will it work converting those visitors into some secondary income or I am also thinking about using CPA network?

    Which should I use for best secondary income? CPA or InfoLinks?

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Firstly thanks for taking a time to read about Infolink Review. As you have 4-5k monthly views, Also I loved your website concept about music Instruments. I can only say focus on only one area and CPA will be the best one.

      Please don’t divert your mind by reading Advertising networks and Money. Because CPA itself will work for you earn money as well as reputation.
      I have some tips for you:

          Start Learning On Content Engengement
          Lead Magnet Generation Strategy
          Last And Most Important honesty with Readers

      Best of luck.

  7. kishan says:

    My traffic is very low. How can I get through many people? And my infolinks ads are only Facebook ads. How would infolinks change the types of ads?

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Kishan,

      I am Pretty sure you have to concentrate on writing content to get more traffic, for this I will always recommend to use Google Keyword Planner and choose a niche which as high CPC rate, this will surely increase the potential of ads revenue and also you will get High click through rate. An alternative to all traditional earning method, go straight with affiliate marketing. It;s a huge business and opportunities to get massive revenue growth.

      Hope this info helpful, Thanks you Kishan

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