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All the time Keyword ranking & position are key factor of SEO….

One of the most challenging jobs, SEO keyword ranking and maintaining #1 position. we can’t say, I will be on the first page forever and nobody can compete me.

Every day new challenge, difficult to understand what’s going wrong? and what’s need to be fixed to get website keyword ranking?

Think Smart, Do Excellent, Work for Betterment of Tomorrow
– By Ashok Chavan

There are numerous reasons ranging from being hacked to server downtime, ranking algo update etc. This result into fall down search engine keyword ranking. The number of readers writes to me over past few weeks telling me that this is happening with them and asking for advice(How to overcome it?).

I feel your pain…. Monitoring keyword rank is quite a headache and time-consuming task. Moreover, it’s difficult to track each and every keyword and find out the loop pools, where exactly you are losing? and what’s affecting to fall downranking? when you dig around, you will find experienced web owners have experience at least once. I have ranked over thousands of keywords. The first time it happened with me, my SEO keyword ranking start falling and one-third of traffic dropped. It hits me a lot and I feel like I am out of blogging.

Here is How I make analysis to identify cause…..

Now time to analysis the problem. I start searching keyword ranking tools, sorry I mean keyword rank reporting tool. So I can keep eye on top 70 profitable keywords and started micro analysis on it.

keyword ranking reporting tool

Once I start tracking keyword rank, I realize that there are lot of thinks need to fix including onsite and offsite factors. Now I start spending extra time on keyword ranking reports to understand bottleneck, so I can work on it.

Guess what? I found the solution, SEO rank monitoring process helps me understand what need to be done? and what’s going wrong? There are numerous factors that preventing keywords from ranking and SEO rank tracking tool helps a lot to keep eyes to stay on top. Here are some of them,

  • Reveals search engine variations of site ranking.
  • Easy to track competitor strategy, and progress to compete with them.
  • Effect of Bounce Rate, SERP, Competitor Authority, Social Signal etc.

We will go in deep with keyword ranking tool . . .

As I already told I did analysis of 70 profitable keyword and then I start workout to make sure, I will get optimal result. Let’s we will take one of them with 5 long tail keyword phases i.e. very specific and highly targeted audience having search volume around 480.

keyword ranking report tool

This rank tracking is done by ProRankTracker and is so accurate. I bought Bronze plan with 300 term tracking for $17. After setup, I start getting local ranking and global ranking report daily with historical graph to major progress.

Applied various method and start testing on different ways to boost ranking. This is keeping my keyword #1 forever. In case, Any ranking changes will detect under account, I will get report on my personal email. Finally Testing with ProRankTracker Successful, I got 368% visibility boost and in conversion ratio 256%.

seo keyword position tracking tool

Ohh.. I did it, But having one more problem….

Initial problem had solve, Now I can easily figure out what went wrong? and How to fix it? But new problem born i.e. cost to monitor huge list of keywords to stay on top in competitive world. I am ranking for 8900+ keywords and to track keyword ranking for each, will cost $120 monthly i.e. Gold Plan with 3500 term on ProRankTracker.

How to minimise Keyword rank tracking cost?

I did the survey with top 7 online rank tracking software tools and to clear picture of price. I put them into graph, you can see it below.

By this analysis ProRankTracker is much affordable then anyother services. More over while make this case study, I can say ProRankTacker is very easy to use and awesome seo position tracking tool. Followed by Wincher, TinyRanker and SERPBook rank monitoring tools are fit into our survey.

Still Spending $100+ Monthly is not a Good Deal . . . .

I cut down the cost with comparing best available keyword trackers. But spending $100+ monthly is not a good practice. First thing I clear with you that these service are restful and easiest method to do work smartly.

Had you observed, we are paying monthly. Had we asked question to yourself? Is it possible to get rank tracker tool free for life? So I start finding the tools available for one time payment. I got few seo keyword tools list, but most of them are outdated and not working with latest update.

Finally I got Lifetime solution . . . Rank Tracker by Link Assistant.

Rank Tracker almost solve all queries and more over this is one time investment desktop application for rank monitoring. So we can say no to monthly recurrent billing subscription. More over purchase price is less than $150 and lifetime software upgrade are free. ( Relevant Data :  SEO PowerSuite Review – One Time Ranking Solution )

Now everything seems good and happy with this solution. But I need to run Rank Tracker daily and that consuming my data pack. So I decided to update ranking every 3 days or a week. But The newly created article need daily update and ranking statistics.

So, What is an Optimal Solution to Track Ranking?

I disturbed content into two categories. First one contain already ranked content and other necessary to rank content. Totally I having 8900+ keywords among them, I start picking 250 to 300 keyword monthly basis.

And subscribed with one service out of ProRankTrackerWincher, TinyRanker and SERPBook it. Sorry I can’t say which one I bought, because all four are awesome on their places.

Now the distribution is like this 250 to 300 keywords and 8000+ keywords….

I am spending Less than $20 monthly to check important and must have to rank keywords via subscription based services. On other hand 8000+ keywords via Rank Tracker and updated them once a week to make sure everything is already.

tracking keyword ranking analysis

Best Deals on SEO Tools:

It’s mandatory that keep up-to-date your website to stand on top. Under this quality of web hosting, onside issues and good link profile are mandatory one. Day by day Google makes smarter and to sustain for long duration, we need to think smart. I having faster and reliable hosting, here this web-site affordable reseller hosting discover and managing my own blogs on it.

Final Works . . . i.e. Conclusion . . .

Okey, This is really so simple. Finally we decided smart strategy to keep on top. This is not simple to act 100%,  But still it’s worthy, instant alert process will prevent us from pulling down from ranking. I will recommend you to use combo i.e. Rank Tracker and  one out of ProRankTrackerWincher, TinyRanker and SERPBook them for getting better result.

Had you observed in this case study? we got optimal solution with better ranking strategy. $500 monthly subscription to less than $30 monthly subscription. We are already in profit, This is why at the start I written quote statement.

Tell me our story and share this smarter keyword ranking strategy. Please keep touch with ISeenLab and Don’t forgot to leave your comment. I am waiting for your opinion to step ahead together.


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