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Previously I was thinking creating lot of backlink will help me to get #1 on the Google. But when Google started releasing lot of animals, I realize that creating mass web-links is not enough for ranking and sustaining in online world. So I started reading about various ways and techniques.

In this span, I understood a lot about SEO and ranking factors. Create quality content, link from highly relevant and authority sites is key principle of ranking.

Recently I am using GSA Search Engine Ranker and Ultimate Demon for link building. Both are very nice link building software. I recommend to use GSA SER for Tier 2 and Ultimate Demon for Tier 1 and 2. Basically both SEO tools scans the highly relevant and high authority links on the web. Along with this to make Tier 1 (highly relevant) web2.0 property, I am always prefer Kontent Machine 3. So This is short, my personal kontent machine review with along with my link building work structure.

This is why I am here to explain you about kontent machine. More over you can get kontent machine discount from ISeenLab.

How My Problem solved with Kontent Machine 3?

Problem comes, After writing article i.e. we will not able find relevant resources to get links. Most of the cases, we will able to get 5-6 links and that to from non relevant sources. So I found Kontent Machine tool a very cheap high quality content creation machine. Honesty saying Kontent Machine 3 changed my life. Big advantage is save time, freelancer writer cost and Manual work.

Previously, If I am not able to find relevant content then, I have to write it manually. This will took me almost 2 to 3 days for 3 articles along with searching guest posting sites. So now I can do it in few minutes. I need not to worry about Kontent Machine quality. This Kontent Machine examples demonstrate link building is now easy and autopilot.

** Limited Time Kontent Machine Discount 2016 **

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Let’s look into Kontent Machine review with features and followed by Kontent Machine tutorial. I told my experience with kontent machine and now time to take look over features. So you can major kontent machine quality.

Best Features of newly release Kontent Machine 3 Review

  • Fully automated Quality content building.
  • Best Spintac (you can spin 1 content 100 times).
  • Relevant Video and Image auto finder.
  • Auto Categorization and tags.
  • Integration with Popular spinning tools.
  • Generate Content for various tools i.e. link building tools.
  • Automate Blogging with Kontent Machine.
  • Fully SEO friendly with Title, summer and resources collection.

Kontent Machine Integrates with

This is my experience with Kontent Machine 3 review before Kontent Machine 3 releases in my life. This will help you to understand Kontent Machine quality score and integration feature with most of Popular SEO tools.


## Kontent Machine Tutorial ##

Step by step guide that will guide you to run your first campaign and build high quality content. if you are using tier link building strategy then kontent machine is the awesome choice. this will create 100’s of unique content.

So what you can do with Kontent Machine 3 version?

ISeenLab uses Kontent Machine to generate 100’s of quality content for tier 1 and tier 2 content. Let’s take a view how Kontent Machine V3 work?

#1 Kontent Machine Main Screen

Once you login into the Software you will find below screen.

kontent machine tutorial

kontent machine tutorial kontent machine 3 review

Here we have options:

  • New campaign:- to create new campaign
  • Saved :- open already existing campaign
  • Quick:- easiest way to scrapping article
  • Blueprint: To Check campaign
  • Other tools

#2 Create the Campaign

Creating campaign is very easy, see the below image. So you will better understand.

kontent machine tutorial discount

Settings are simple just you have to pick from drop down menu and click on next button. Campaign Name is for your Reference andKeyword for the content creation. Content Quality option help you to create tier 1 and tier 2 quality content.

#3 Build Your Quality Tier 1 or Tier 2 Article

After doing all the setting you just have to click on “Build Content”. Blow picture shown the same i.e.  Content build in processing.

kontent machine review

#4 Get Your Article

Your content is ready for the use for creating tier 1 and tier 2 links. Hope till this point of Kontent Machine Review you understood. Below screenshot is shown like this once your content got ready.

kontent machine examples

#5 Kontent Machine Import Article to other tools

This is the best feature of Kontent Machine over all other tools. You can use various link building software and creating your link wheel strategy. You can do it by click on button “Build and Export”.

Tools are included GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke Article spintax, Article Marketing Robot, Sick Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Article Kevo, Magic Submitter and Licorne AIO.

gsa kontent machine tutorial discount

So take the look on it. I personally recommend you to use GSA Search Engine Ranker. One time investment and lifetime software tool.

kontent machine quality discount

Now we imported those content into GSA Search Engine Ranker. Recent Kontent Machine v3 launched API, So you can take benefit and import content easily into GSA SER.

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Kontent Machine Discount Code 2016

Limited Time Offer : Flat 40% off ( $357 => $217) & Monthly ($37 =>> $29).

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Finally, Kontent machine makes my link building strategy easier. You can do the same, claim your kontent machine discount and build authority, ranking and start getting highly relevant traffic.

Hope This honest kontent machine review is useful. let me know what is your opinion? ISeenlab published kontent machine review and offered kontent machine discount, so you can take benefit out of it.

Let me know if you have any doubt or want to suggestion.

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  1. Hi Ashok,

    The Kontent Machine sounds like a very powerful bit of software so good luck with that. However, I really like to create my own content and I do it in a very conversational way.
    That’s my style of doing things and my readers like the way I communicate with them.
    Sure it may take me a bit longer to get ranked in the search engines but I know over time if I keep giving great value that my blog traffic will definitely increase.
    Thanks for sharing this information Ashok as it will help many folks who are finding it difficult to create valualble content consistently.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village entrerpreneur


    • ISeenLab says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you so much, actual I am the fan of you. because of your writing style and conversational way. Hope Entrepreneur like you will be part of my success. I learn lot of think from you blog.
      ISeenLab always looking forward for the connections. So we will build the big community and educate the world.

      Thanks for comment and Best wishes.

  2. The kontent machine seems to be a very powerful software to create my own content. Deeply impressed by the article. I too face the same problem while writing about topics having resources are very less available. But now I can overcome this problem with the help of the kontent machine. Sounds really great.

  3. vijay says:

    Facing many problems while writing content and link building, It seems to be really helpful for me.

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