Mailchimp Vs Constant Contact Review: Leader of Email Marketing

mailchimp vs constant contact review

Are you indifference, on which email marketing tool to use in your small business? Worry not, as the way it seems, you are not alone in this. Trying to pick a side of Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp is like trying to differentiate between identical twins. Mailchimp and Constant Contact are similar in so many ways. But we have to make a choice between the two.

In fact, most small businesses have used both of these email marketing tools and find it hard to tell the difference. But even identical twins are not entirely identical. In this post, I will try to single out the difference while I conclude which of the two is the best for your small business.

When is Mailchimp preferred to Constant Contact?

constant contact vs mailchimp

Small businesses are characterized by a low budget and fewer customers. With this in mind, you can only think of aspects like pricing, support, and integration of the software with other small business software applications.

  • Mailchimp offers free of 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails every month without limit on the number of contacts. Constant Contact offers 60 day free trial to email at most 100 contacts but with no limit to the number of emails to send. Constant Contact will be ideal for small businesses with few customers while Mailchimp will do well for both in utilizing the free subscription version.
  • Mailchimp’s paid plan starts at $10 per month while Constant Contact starts at $20 per month after the free trial of 60 days.
  • Mailchimp allows you to scale up or down by providing paid plans of purchasing as low as $0.005 per email. This gives you a better financial edge during slow periods.
  • It offers 15% discounts for non-profit organizations.

Cases where Constant Contact shines over Mailchimp

mailchimp vs constant contact

Constant contact software has its best moments over Mailchimp in email marketing.

  • Mailchimp payment plans increase by $5 per every addition of 500 subscribers per month, while for Constant Contact it increases to only $85 up to 10,000 subscribers per month, making it better in this sense.
  • It offers unlimited emailing for up to 100 contacts for its 60 days free trial while Mailchimp has set a limit on the number of email subscriptions in its free trial.
  • It offers email plus paid plan which incorporates surveys, coupons and registration forms among others.
  • It comes with 10% discount for those who prepay for 6 months and 15% if you prepay for a year.
  • Non-profit organizations who prepay for 6 months get 20% discounts and 30% discount for a year of prepayment in Constant Contact.



Mailchimp Vs Constant Contact is nothing short of two amazing email marketing tools. Any small business can be successful using either of the two. It all comes to the needs of your small business to know which email marketing tool will be effective. Having all of the above features, you can decide which either Mailchimp or Constant Contact will be ideal for your business. Most small businesses prefer Mailchimp as sit has more flexibility. For my case, I agree that Mailchimp has a slight edge over Constant Contact.

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