4 Steps to Make Money with Google Adsense

how to make money with google adsense without a website and blog

Now a day’s many people are use internet. They give a couple of times for visiting websites every day. If you are intelligent then you can use visitor’s footprint easily. You can earn money from your website thought click on pages/ads. I will explain it so that you can understand “how to make money with Adsense”. here are more google adsense alternatives to make money from your blog.

There are many way to earn money from internet. The best ever is AdSense/Google AdSense. It is pay per click  project from Google. It’s controlled by Google Adwords (pay per click marketing) program. AdSense is a nice way to monetize your traffic, and very easy to implement.


What is Google AdSense : Adsense is a PPC (Pay per Click) project. It is an online ad system and different from other ad networks. Adsense is maintained by Google.com. It is their free ad service for users.

How it works : When you search on google there have you seen some ads. Those are income source for google. Some company are give money to google for advertise their products. And google spend some money for their adsense client.

Way of advertising :  Now you are getting the most important and common answer that “How to make money with google adsense ?”. When google approve your account as their adsense client, they will give you adsense code. You will place it on your website or blog. When any visitor click on your ad money will store on your account. Every month google will send you a bank cheque with your earning money.

Required Knowledge/Things :  The first thing is you need a website or a blog. And second thing is need so many visitor or clicks on your Website/blog. Because if you have those things your possibility will high.

How to make money with google adsense step by step guide line :

Step 1 : Create account

  • Go to Google Adsense
  • Sign up for free
  • Sign into your adsense account

Step 2 : Create unit for ad

  • Click on ads, Create a new Ad unit
  • Name a unit

Step 3 : Setting up :

  • Pick a size
  • Set your ad type
  • Create a custom channel
  • Create your ad style

Step 4 : Enjoy

  • Get the code for the ad
  • Place the html code on your site or blog

Follow those steps and keep earning by Google AdSense. follow the article how to increase adsense revenue?

How to make money with google adsense without a website and blog :

It is not important that you need website or blog for earning with google adsense. You can gather money from adsense account without publishing anything. Watch out those system that don’t need any website or blog.

  • Hub Pages – Join today Hub Pages, you will be able to get an AdSense account without even publishing anything at all, and will still get approved. You will get a percentage of the AdSense exposures from your Hubs (2/3 for you), from which you can earn any revenue generated. You can easily integrate Amazon, eBay, Kontera and Google AdSense into your Hubs in order to earn money.
  • eHow – eHow is another great way to make money online without having your own website. You can post articles in ‘how to’ format and earn a percentage of revenue generated from your material.
  • Flixya – On Flixya you will find various ways to share information and earn on AdSense income as well. You can share with photos, videos, blogs and more. Upload and share your videos.

Extra information to Drive More Traffic

This technique of driving traffic, I am using from last few years. Generally every time Google changes algorithm. This will lead to penalty from Google. so I written the Gray Hat SEO technique to rank top of Google and drive traffic forever. To learn this strategy refer the below two articles.

If you read this article then you are able to earn money from online. Google have a great opportunity to give your money on time. Happy earning.

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  1. Morad says:

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    • iseenlab says:

      Friend, if you don’t have website then you can use Hubpages, ehow, flixya. those sites are trusted and fully tested. I can’t recommend SHLINKADS website to my readers. because they take your earning shares, means you earn $100 monthly then you may probably get only $70 monthly. I am not tested this website so it’s up to you.
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      Note: if you have your own website then apply publisher Adsense account to earn 100%.

  2. Anto Navis says:

    Nice post, Thanx for sharing with us, try to share more articles related to google adsense, its really helpful for me and all other regular readers for your nice blog.

    Thank you !!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Found this on Google+. I think and highly believe it is all depends on your niche and amount of traffic. Personally, I don’t think you can make money from adsense if you have below 1k traffic a day.

    Well, that’s just me though!


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