Story Behind My Long Tail Keyword Research

my long tail keywords

Today morning I wake up early and suddenly a thought comes in the mind. I have thousands of satisfied reader, but still why I am not able to achieve success? Immediately I took pen and paper and start analysis my whole website. After deep analysis I compared different article based on visitors, conversion, click through ratio, search position and many other factors. But result is same for all articles i.e. almost 80% are optimized as per the SEO policy.

How Idea comes into picture? ( long tail keywords )

Still my problem had not resolved and suddenly idea comes in mind. Just open Google Webmaster and start analysis all article based on the keywords. I differentiate article based on two factors i.e. long tail keywords and short term keyword. After doing this what I got result is really amazing. My long tail keyword posts are performing far better than short term keywords. I had already written blog post on same topic How to find long tail keyword? With scenarios how this will useful? See the below image on this article that clearly denote almost of 70% global search are long tail keywords only.

free long tail keyword tool phases

How does long tail keyword research is better than ever?

Firstly, I took two top performing articles on ISeenLab. In such a way that one is optimized based on short term keyword and another on long tail keywords. After that I start analyzing those two articles with different factors and result is really amazing. In almost every factor long tail keyword article is performing well except driving lot of traffic. Driving lot of traffic helpful to  make money with Google Adsense, Chitika, infolinks, and revenuehits like publisher network. Below are some of point that denote clearly what I mean to say.

  • Help to Drive Targeted visitors.
  • Lowest competition for the keywords.
  • Higher Conversion than ever seen.
  • Killer Article writing opportunity.
  • Better explorer on topic and need deep analysis.
  • Higher reader engagement on Blog.
  • Higher Profit at-least 30% more conversion than short term keyword.
  • Helps reader to aware the product better.
  • Reader can take decision about product.
  • IMP: Very Easy to Rank long tail keywords.

My Long tail keyword research finally comes to the conclusion that don’t see big figure. I mean higher traffic keyword that only gives you traffic not more than that. Almost 70% problem now solved and just need to plan the future strategy to find long tail keyword. Along with what are long tail keywords? For the topic I will write in the future.

How to find Quality Lead with long tail keyword?

long tail keywords

Once this problem will solve 90% of work will done. Just need to write article and optimize for the search engine ranking by GSA Search engine Ranker (my personal ranking tool). ISeenLab use SEO PowerSuite SEO tool to do onsite and offsite optimization (ISeenLab got within month 450% more traffic).

Come to the question how to find long tail keywords? At this point only one thing comes in mind i.e. put me at reader end and think what they are looking from me? And problem solve. Finally morning doubt cleared around afternoon 3’0 clock. After that I start searching best long tail keyword research tool to generate more profitable keywords.

Extra information

What are the Best Long Tail Keyword tools 2016?

long-tail-success-startFinal step remaining in this whole analysis i.e. best long tail keyword generator software tools. I chooses 5 keyword research tool after reading various blogger, web owners and businessman review about long tail keyword research tools.

After that I start using those 5 tool as the trial which one of them are best and I found below listed profitable and targeted keywords.


Long Tail Pro -My Long Tail Keyword Master

download long tail pro review

This is amazing long tail keyword generator software that is used over 80,000 marketers and blogger. This Long time keyword research tool will work with Google keyword planner. Long Tail pro is real time long tail keyword research tool. That will help me to find more accurate and profitable keyword. Trying to rank for top keyword is almost impossible. By long tail keyword you can rank easily. Below list gives you quick overview about the tool.

  • Long tail Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Checker
  • Find right keyword for SEO and PPC campaigns.

how long tail pro filter work

So Long Tail keyword means low competition and higher conversion ratio. This tool had fulfilled all expectation about drive more targeted traffic. best deal with long tail pro discount code and make this tool yours.

Read More: Long Tail Pro Tutorial – Profitable Keyword Reviews

visit official site

Best Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Soft-ware


SemRush – Keyword Suggestion and Research Tool

semrush find long tail keywords

I am using this tool from last 2 year and got almost 400% more traffic. This SEM Tool helped me a lot to get competitor information and low competitor and high profit keywords. Finding long tail keywords is also possible with SemRush. Some of the features about keyword research are:

  • Find Right keyword for affiliate
  • Get long Tail keywords
  • Phase match and related keywords
  • Competitors keywords research
  • Find keyword with low competitor

long tail keyword generator

Totally independent tool and they have more than 50,000,000 Domain and 350,000,000+ keyword database. Also I can customize and filter keyword result as per the need.

One of my favorite SEO tool and 500,000 users tried already.

visit official site

I tried to put this article in story and case study point of view. So you will get better understanding about long tail keyword importance than short term keywords. Hope you love to read this post and I am expecting to share and like this article. Thank you so much for giving time to read my whole day analysis. Thanks again.. have a good day.

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  1. Deepak Gera says:

    Nice Post Ashok, But I think all tools which you mentioned are paid and not getting used too much by those newbie who just started their blogging career. Google Keyword Planner is a nice tool which gives good results if little time can be devoted to it.

    GKP needs little more deep analysis and effort in doing research but if we get into it, it can benefit coz its free. What do you think about google keyword planner?

    • ISeenLab says:

      Hello Deepak,
      I understood your concern but tools like Long Tail Pro are one time investment. Total around 70K+ professional are prefer those tools. Free tool will not give use optimal result and for analysis the hole data it will took hour together. but those tools will do in fraction of second. the ultimate aim is to concentrate on strategy by automation. this will help to focus on strategy instead of other SEO factors.
      By the way thanks. This is just one corner.

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