Top 10 Sites to Buy Expired Domains – Dropped 2018

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Expired domains are used by SEO’s to increase the authority of their money site. Also used for creating a Private blog network.

Private Blog Network is a network of PBN sites having high authority backlinks. Theses PBN sites are nothing but the expired domains. You can use more than one PBN for your money site to rank in search engine. Which will helps your domain to make a brand in short time period.

Expired domains are the domains which are no use for their owners. For some reasons, they don’t renew it. Or they moved to different business so don’t look out for it. Such domains are expired but their backlinks are there which you can redirect to your site.

Searching for expired domains crawler. These are some of the best tool available in the market.


[1] Domain Hunter Gatherer: Expired domain Catcher

best way buy expired domain

If you buy this software you can get following different tools:

  • Expired domain website Crawler
  • Expired domain auction Scraper
  • Expired web 2.0 Finder
  • Expired domain Spam Checker
  • Easy TLD Filtration
  • Expired domain keyword Crawler
  • Reverse crawling scraper

DHG exist for Windows only, no web version or Mac version is available. Domain Hunter Gatherer provides tools to get expired domain catcher easily. Tools can search into the expired domain directory and provides domain from the expired domain database.


[2] Register Compass: Auction Your Expired Domains Today

Register Compass is an expired domain search software tool. It provides auction of expired domains. Register Compass not only sells the domains but also gives maintain ace. Special kind of expired domains search engine used to find available expired domain names.

find cheap expired domains

It analyzes and monitors your own domains. Monitors existing domain for their expiry period and expired domain names list them accordingly. For sign up customers

PBN Lab generates auto domain availability alerts and sends auto generated emails and notifications. After registration, you are able for expired domain kaufen.

Provides feature like thousands of backlinks. Expired domain backlinks are available in the Universal Internet. DMOZ listing gives 3 letter Domains.


[3] FreshDrop: BuyExpired domains now

The easy search and filter option makes expired domain search much easily through FreshDrop.

It finds valuable domains in cheap cost. It does not require a subscription. With the help of FreshDrop, you will get expired domain finder PHP script to find high PR expired domains.

Auction of expired domains is available here with the attribute of expired domains history. One of the main features is domain backorder.

find list of expired domain names

Each domain undergoes through different analysis from,

  • Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Quantcast, MajesticSEO, DMOZ, Compete, Overture, Whois, Worldtracker, and

It gives 7-day risk-free trial and 60-day money back guarantee offer.


[4] Search Free Expired Domains

Expired Domain is one of the best sites to buy free top expired domains names. Some people choose expired domain xenu for pbn domain finder.

It lists thousands of domains every day from different vendors like Namecheap, Godaddy where we can buy and re-register it. No one elaborate expired domain buying guide with free of cost.

expired domain grabber database analyzer

Some of the Cons are:

  • If you want to search expired domain pbn and domain that expired 2-3 years ago you have to search another website, expired domains with high traffic and expired domains with high PR on the basis of these factors you decide expired domain quality and domain authority.
  • It does not specify whether you wish to purchase a domain as a Domain Investor/SEO Expert, or simple a website owner.
  • It does not provide features like Domain auction, domain brokerage.


[5] DomCop: Expired Domain Search Engine

DomCop is a reasonable responsive tool with no downtime and 30-day free trial expired domain finder software.

cheap best place buy expired domains list

You must try DomCop for following features:

1) variety of domains: You can look up over 12 million expired domain at any given moment. Also, Supports 30+ different extensions.

Some services just link to Godaddy auctions but DomCop goes further and has dropping domains that don’t have a service provider.

2) Domain Metrics: Search is very easy with different statistics available for domain searches like Moz metrics, rankMajesticSEO Metrics, Moz DA and PA, Alexa Rank, Google Prank, SEMRush Rank and much more.

3) Advanced Filters: It’s an amazing and obvious feature that makes DomCop different than other. You can use different features to find your domain easily and effectively.

4) Fantastic Onboarding: When you sign up with DomCop it provides great customer service. They provide emails for advising how to use 7-day trial. Their support team is very responsive.


[6] PBN Lab: Crawl Expired domains in Minutes

PBN Lab is expired domain finger crawling service. For domain search, it provides metrics like,

  • Majestic citation flow, trust flow, Topical trust flow, backlink counts, referring IP, subnets, and domain. Also gives Moz DA, PA, Moz Rank, Moz trust.

best place and way to buy expired domains

The majestic metrics are found for only some of the sites and some time might require use own majestic APIS. No statistical data available for specific crawl websites. There are various ways but from them best way to buy an expired domain is PBN Lab.

It finds relevant domains by using search results not using generic keyword search or the scrap methods.You can search Expired domain checker script on PBN Lab.


[7] Domain Reanimator: Expired Domains Crawler Bot

It’s a tool to speed up the process and possibly cut some of the cost. You can go through Domain lookupReanimator for unlimited crawl minutes and Multiple TLDS.Domain Reanimator helps you to search expired deleted the old domain from the marketplace.

Gives the money back Guarantee up to first 500 domains. No trial offer is available.

Provides ways to scraps are:

  • keyword targeting,
  • seed list
  • location targeting
  • Reverse crawling.

It gives the features like:

  • Wayback Machine Reanimation
  • Moz Metrics
  • Majestic Metrics
  • Spam Filter
  • spam algorithm
  • Restores Websites from


[8] SnapNames: Expiring Domains Finder

SnapNames is one of the most successful websites for expired domain search. SnapNames is own by It is specialized in expiring domains.

Being a bit less popular than NameJet sale prices are lower than elsewhere. Hence you can go through SnapNames for expired and expire domains search.

If you are a domain backorders this site is useful for you.

where to buy expired domains with traffic


[9] Get high Metrics for Expired Domains

This site primarily focuses on customer classification. When you sign up into the system it asks you whether you are a website owner or an SEO expert. According to your motive, they suggest you the search list. Generally, user uses and find deleted domains list and sale. a new expired domain search service launched by It allows the user to go through the database of 7.5 million expired, deleted and expiring domains. To record expired domain names with a database. is the only service that provides following advanced data sources:

  • Monitor domain as they dropped
  • Unique domain backlink report
  • PageRank and Wayback crawler
  • Zone files access.
  • Historical Whois



This article is all about service providers offering Expired domains. They may differ by different metrics for analyzing these domains or providing an easy user interface for crawling domains.

Now, this is your time to take advantage of one of the services. Hope this article helps you for your desire.

You can share us your reviews about expired domains, PBN or different crawling tools with us.

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