Top #4 Affiliate Web Hosting Programs – Min $740+ Monthly

There are lot of Web hosting for affiliate marketers in the world and you can earn residual income from these highest paying hosting affiliate programs. Many bloggers and webmaster takes recurring or passive income from this free web hosting affiliate program.

Following are the best affiliate program for web hosting:

  1. BlueHost Affiliate – System with high sale commission.
  2. DomainRacer – Highest ROI and better conversion ratio.
  3. InMotion Affiliate – Better support but Highest service cost.
  4. Hostgator Affiliate – Oldest service on the Internet.

But, might be you have a question. Which one is the best affiliate programs for beginners? and which should I pick for my lifetime recurring income?

In this article, I am going to sort the confusion of best web hosting affiliate program and scan all the factors that you must consider before choosing your hosting affiliate program.

Understand Conversion Ratio to Get More Leads

Conversion ratio means, if per month 1000 users are visiting the hosting site then how many users are applying for sign up process. If the conversion ratio of hosting company is good then affiliate payout will be good. Here I’m sharing one graph so that you can understand in better way.

residual income hosting affiliate programs

Above graph assumed that each company has 1000 clicks per month and accordingly I have calculated their conversion ratio.

So, by looking at the graph you can see DomainRacer have highest conversion ratio from rest of. So, as per my experience, DomainRacer is good choice to do affiliate marketing.

Study: Earning Opportunities with Decent Payout Companies

In the following graph, you can see, as per the conversion ratio, how much earning you can get.

web hosting affiliate marketing

In the above graph you can see the payout of each company and According to the analysis DomainRacer paying you highest revenue.

Let’s Have a look on What features each affiliate system has…

It always matters which affiliate program you are choosing for your visitors, what will generate better leads. To understand this, I already have shown graphical figures to understand better. Now it’s time to get into each individual system.

“Good features can lead to high Conversion”

You can get the multiple referrals only if you are choosing a qualitative hosting company who can provide better features. Following I am explaining the features of top web hosting companies.

1] BlueHost

Payout $65 per sale. Hosting Starts at $3.95/month.

  • HDD Storage: Good performance but not as good as SSD.
  • Average Performance as it doesn’t provide Litespeed technology.
  • Bluehost is popular for WordPress Service.

2] DomainRacer

Approximately total earning $400-$2700. Hosting Starts at $11/year.

  • Litespeed technology: Improve performance of your Server
  • SSD Storage: better performance and reliability over an HDD
  • Free SSL: Secure your system from hackers
  • 99.9% uptime & DDoS Protection with various Security tools.

3] InMotion Hosting

Payout approximately $50-100 per sale. Hosting Starts at $2.95/month.

  • SSD Storage: Increase performance of your system.
  • Reliable and limited resources.
  • Cost is high as compared to DomainRacer.

4] Hostgator

Payout approximately $50-125 per sale. Hosting Starts at $3.95/month.

  • Free SSL, Good performance, Reliability.


Hope, from these all hosting services, you can understand DomainRacer provides much better services than remaining three. You can easily get the multiple referrals from DomainRacer.

If you have any doubts or problems then please let us know through your comments, we will definitely answer to your query.

Have a good luck to choose your best web hosting affiliate program.

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