SEMRUSH Review : SEM Tool Competitor Research Keywords

SEMRUSH is an online Marketing competitor research tools play a vital role for successful marketing campaign. My favorite SEO tool that use over 3 years.

“SEMRUSH use or not” Let’s take the review on SEMRUSH with stealth competitor research tactics.
SEMrush review competitor research tool
After Google Panda update ISeenLab realized that writing quality content that subscriber reader’s love is not enough. This tool changes the thinking of ISeenLab blogging. I started learning advanced things about SEO and link building. After doing all stubs now I am confident about I do those think and get lot decent readers.

But when I analysis in Google the high paid and profitable keyword having highest degree of competition and I am not having idea about how to compete with them? And not having resource to analysis ISeenLab contents with competitors.

So, let’s take move toward SEMRUSH Review

What is SEMRUSH? (SEM Tool)

SEMRUSH is competitive analysis platform allow SEO and PPC analysis. I love most because SemRush help me to find long tail keyword phases, ad campaigns and content strategies, backlink audits, track real time performance, and identify profit insights that increase value in online marketing efforts.

SEMRUSH is developed by SeoQuake also having free Firefox, chrome, opera SEO addon. Today SEMRUSH has 80,000,000 domains and 175,000,000 keyword database. Newly India keyword database is added that helps Indian blogger to keywords research.

Must Have to know about this:

7+ Key Feature: SEMRUSH Quick Review

#1 Search Overview: get analysis about site traffic is going up or down, ranking improving or not, Keywords ranking in top 20 search results, backlink and lot more.

#2 Related Keywords: SEMRUSH help you to find 100% accurate and related keywords to get better traffic.

#3 New Organic Keyword Opportunities: tool return table of thousands of keywords having low competition and higher value.

#4 Competitors Keyword and Backlinks: explore keyword that your competitor use and get high traffic.

#5 Paid Search Report: advanced overview of paid search campaign. Trend graph with “traffic cost” tab new feature

#6 Boost in Organic Ranking: make competition work easier and boost organic ranking with keyword tracking, site audit etc.

#7 Find Advertising Opportunity: as like keyword opportunity these features help you to bid on keyword that help you a lot to increase your sell and paid traffic.
SEMrush sem research tool

SEMRUSH has three pricing options i) PRO – $69.96 ii) GURU – $149.95 iii) BUSINESS – $549.95. PRO account is best for complete report but as you are new to SEM research, you can start with free trail and once you understand SEMRUSH various features then upgrade to PRO account and analysis deep for your competitors.

Sign up: SEMRUSH Free Trial Account

SEMRUSH booms ISeenLab search engine marketing power and help in grow by 200% fast. This SEM Tool is all in one service that need to optimize overall website and make use more competitive. Finally end of the day after your hard work you are top of the search engine.

Have you used SEMRUSH before? Write your review and tell your experience with SEMRUSH. Finally Good Morning to all.

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  1. Joe Putnam says: is another great competitive intelligence tool that gives businesses access to their competitors’ top PPC and SEO terms, best ad copy variation, and top landing pages. You can also try it for free before signing up for a full-fledged paid account.

    • ISeenLab says: is the new tool. SemRush will give you full analysis report of your competitor, Keyword Suggestion, Backlink Report. ISeenLab got 400% boost in traffic and almost 70% conversion ratio.
      SemRush saves a lot of time and gives us exact report, So we can take necessary action to boost website traffic and get high paid out of.

  2. nice article about a great tools to keyword research and analyse web site trends and know more about keyword trends. nice article really enjoyed.

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