Why EV SSL is Your 1st Choice – Surprising Benefits & Demystifying

Demystifying the background and need for EV SSL Certificate

What makes EV SSL your first Choice

Surprising benefits of EV SSL

EV SSL worth the Price? Here are benefits

Technically speaking, all SSL certificates do the same thing. They allow a safe exchange of information between the server and browser. There are different types of SSL certificates like domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation. However, EV SSL Certificates can be bought by individuals or agencies that have their legal identity and existence, operational existence as well domain ownership.

Meaning of EV SSL:

Extended Validation SSL certificate is on the top in SSL validation type. It provides highest validation to SSL seekers and secure website with strong encryption. It comes with several extra add-ons that provide maximum security and trust for websites.

The Certificate Authority verifies the ownership of the domain before issuing the EV SSL certificate. It publicizes the ownership of the website or the URL. It assures customers that they are indeed dealing with a right website that is owned by the actual owner. This helps customers to stay safe from common phishing frauds where hackers pose as a genuine website and steal user information.

Website secured with EV SSL certificate has a green address bar as shown in the image below. A green HTTPS will also appear as a prefix to the URL address. A padlock symbol further establishes the fact that the website is secure for transactions. The green address bar confirms that the website used is indeed one belonging to the owner of the website.

Say, for instance, you are using a banking website. How sure can you be that you are indeed using the right banking website owned and operated by the banking company itself?

Hackers have enough skill to create a fake website, which looks, and functions just like the original banking website.

The EV SSL Certificate will show the name of the owning entity in green, something like this:

Benefits of EV SSL Certificate:

business growth chart with ssl certificate

EV SSL certificate provides business and individuals with a range of benefits. EV SSL has come to be recognized as the synonyms for data encryption on the Internet. With phishing frauds and cyber identity theft becoming so rampant, an EV SSL certificate can help keep the business data secure and intact. Here are some more benefits of having an EV SSL Certificate:

▪    Boosts customer confidence

For any online store, winning the customer confidence is the key to long-term engagement. Customers will transact with those online stores where they feel their personal data is secure and confidential.

EV SSL certificates come with trust seals/badges which online stores can display in their checkout pages or landing pages. Trust seals can improve customer confidence and conversion rates as much as 30% as VeriSign found in its study of an online hotel booking website.

▪    Improves search engine ranking

According to Search Engine Watch, Google commands 68% of the search engine market share. In it’s 2014  I/O Conference, the search engine giant confirmed that it will include HTTPS encryption as a major ranking signal.

That means every website which relies on Google will have to embrace HTTPS to maximize its online presence and organic traffic. Furthermore, a secured website receives repeated visits from customers.

▪    Thwarts phishing scams

Certificate Authorities (CA) issues EV SSL certificates only after extensive paperwork and verification of domain/IP address. The EV SSL Certificate as indicated by the green address bar and padlock symbol help customers to avoid phishing scams and websites that try to steal user login credentials.

▪    Secures data

Perhaps, the most striking benefit of an EV SSL Certificate is that it secures online data. All internal and external communication is routed through a secure network, which cannot be intercepted by third parties.

When to use EV SSL certificates?

  • EV SSL Certificates became inevitable if your business needs to win a higher level of customer confidence. If your front-facing pages or internal pages demand the customer to input sensitive information, then it is recommended to use an EV SSL certificate.
  • Industries like Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance companies as a must need EV SSL encryption. Further, eCommerce stores where users transact in money must also opt for EV SSL encryption to keep transactions from falling prey to hacking.

Areas/pages where EV SSL Certificate is essential:


The first place where a customer or user usually lands. Vital information like username and password for signup or account login is entered here. In the case of banking and financial services companies, this page is pivotal and needs maximum security possible.


The checkout pages of online stores are where users complete their transaction by making a payment through card or net banking. Since payment information is involved, these pages must be brought within the ambit of an EV SSL Certificate. This will assure that the customer that they are indeed paying to the owner of the website and not a fraud website.


One Time Passwords, Password reset, approving beneficiaries and similar functions where users will feel that they are in a high-security environment.

How EV SSL helps to gain the trust of the customer?

build trust with ev ssl certificate benefits

As we said in the beginning of this article, EV SSL Certificate shows the company name in green the address bar. It is a solid proof that the website is not a fake, but indeed a legitimate one owned by the business. This boosts customer confidence and convinces them to transact with it in full confidence.

How to save money in EV SSL Certificate?

So, you have made up your mind to buy an EV SSL Certificate, but have no clue how to keep costs down? Here are some Points that will help you save money while buying an EV SSL Certificate.

  • Buy EV SSL certificates for a longer duration. Certificate Authorities & Reseller usually provide a concession when certificates are bought for longer duration like 2 or 3 years, instead of a single year.
  • Buy SSL certificates in bulk. Suppose you need multiple certificates for several domains and subdomains, buy them in bulk to earn a quantitative discount.
  • Avail the trial period to the maximum. You will get to know the certificate and its functioning inside-out. This helps to buy the right certificate for the right price.
  • Use SSL comparison websites. Match the price offered by multiple Certificate Authorities & Reseller to pick someone who offers the least price.


EV SSL certificates are a must for enterprises and businesses that want to treat their customers with complete security. They act as a shield from imposters who copy and replicate websites to steal user information. Scams like phishing and identity theft can also be curtailed effectively with the help of EV SSL certificate. Every business that cares about its customers, their privacy, and their financial information must equip their website with EV SSL Certificate.

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